Mensaje de Teresa

Desde el 2001 he estado practicando yoga y aprendiendo las facetas múltiples de esta ciencia antigua. Gracias a la yoga, he podido balancear mi vida profesional con mi vida espiritual y mantenerme sana física y mentalmente. En el 2009, obtuve mi licencia para poder enseñar y compartir lo que he aprendido con instrucciones prácticas y con la devoción y compasión necesaria para que tu aprendas a tu propio ritmo.

Mis clases son divertidas y te retan a alcanzar tu mejor “tu.” No hay obstáculo que no podamos sobrepasar.

[English] I became a yoga teacher some years ago with the purpose of sharing the gift of yoga to curious students of  all ages and walks of life. After teaching for many years in studios, gyms, schools and public spaces in Los Angeles, I opened OHM Yoga Studio, Yoga for all levels in my home. Now in Oaxaca, I offer private and group classes for all levels and will keep you posted if I teach in any locations within Oaxaca.

Come join my classes; they are fun and you get to practice 'real' yoga!! Ohm namah sivayha!

About Teresa

Teresa, a certified bilingual yoga teacher, formerly taught in the Los Angeles area and Fresno, CA and recently moved to Oaxaca City. She teaches a combination of Hatha and Iyengar yoga for all levels, and specializes in Seniors/mid-aged men and women with health issues or that want to loose weight and stay fit.  Teresa teaches group and private classes in your home or at OHM Yoga studio.Teresa is also a Yoga en Español teacher for beginners. 

In 2009, she obtained her 200RYT at Liberation Yoga, Los Angeles under Will Duprey, a Dharma Mittra yoga instructor; studied with Jill Miller, Founder of Yoga Tune Up; apprenticed for yogi Pagan George, an Iyengar and Qigong teacher; and Eric Small, where she obtained her certification for teaching Yoga for MS. She obtained her certification at Kerala Ayurveda Academy in Kerala, India in 2017. 

A museum professional, Teresa Diaz has 20 years of experience working with art, galleries, museums, collectors and artists throughout the US and Mexico. She loves to hike, bike, swim, and run in nature any time she can escape to the wilderness. Don't be surprised if she plans a backpacking/yoga retreat sometime and invites you!